Scalable, affordable and high quality Dedicated Internet Access solutions to fulfill all your communications needs.

Benefit from our Wide-Area Networking (WAN) solutions, consisting of Ethernet transport and Dedicated Internet Access solutions.

Enterprises of any size will take advantage of Our Colocation services, conveniently located in Phoenix, AZ.

Eonix Communication's network is IPv6 and MPLS enabled, providing state-of-the-art solutions for businesses.

Scalable, affordable and high quality IP Transit will connect you and your customers to the most popular content on the Internet.

Flexible contract terms, fast service delivery, best-in-class quality of service backed by a knowledgeable customer support.

Eonix Communication's services are also available Off-Net in virtually any location in over 180 markets.

Providing many Application and Content Providers with data center services to host and operate their platforms.

Eonix Communications offers the most reliable, scalable and cost-efficient way to connect to eyeball networks.

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